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Fashionable BGM: The Soundtrack to Your Deep Sleep

Have you ever wondered what makes a restorative night’s sleep? From a music therapy counselor’s point of view, the link between deep sleep and music is fascinating. BGM Laboratory’s album, Fashionable BGM, tackles this subject matter by offering a melodic ensemble that is scientifically proven to improve the quality of your sleep. Recent studies in psychology have shown that certain frequencies and tempos can significantly affect the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep, optimizing your rest and rejuvenation. Coupled with the ambient sounds and synthesized melodies in Fashionable BGM, your journey to a restful night becomes not just a possibility, but a guarantee.

Fashionable BGM: When Mindfulness Meets Melody

How can the power of music lead to a balanced mind? Mindfulness is the keyword here. Mindfulness practices have been a hot topic in recent psychological studies, suggesting its potency in calming the mind and relieving stress. Fashionable BGM’s carefully curated tracklist incorporates these principles in its composition, offering a listening experience that is both musically enriching and mentally rejuvenating. Think of the album as a harmonic balance between frequencies that resonate with your chakras and rhythms that you can perform your yoga poses to. It’s like creating a mindful sanctuary, wrapped in sound.

Fashionable BGM: Breathe In Tranquility, Exhale Stress

Stress relief—now there’s a phrase we all want to resonate with. BGM Laboratory has succeeded in creating a therapeutic tapestry of sound in Fashionable BGM that accomplishes just that. The album incorporates various elements like ocean waves and the trickle of streams, coupled with an array of musical instruments, from pianos to synthesizers. These combinations create an environment that encourages deep relaxation and stress relief. Ever heard of the Solfeggio frequencies? They are tones of sound that can incite specific types of emotional responses. In Fashionable BGM, these frequencies are finely-tuned to foster an environment of tranquility, giving you that much-needed oasis of calm in a busy world.


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