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Discovering Tranquility with Ivory Bgm’s Meditation Melodies

Embark on a serene journey with BGM laboratory’s “Ivory Bgm,” an album crafted to enhance meditation and relaxation practices. Infused with White Noise and Focal Point Music, each track is designed to facilitate healing and refresh the mind. The inclusion of ASMR elements and Binaural Beats resonates with a frequency that aids in Progressive Relaxation, while Solfeggio Frequencies contribute to a deep, stress-releasing experience. Perfect for nightly routines, this album is a sanctuary for self-care and tranquility.

Healing Vibes: The Power of Ivory Bgm’s Sound Therapy

“Ivory Bgm” offers a unique sound therapy experience, blending High-Frequency Induction with the calming effects of Sleep Music. Developed with Autogenic Training principles and Schumann Resonance, the tracks work harmoniously with your heartbeat and meditation practice, promoting Mindfulness and Autonomic Nervous System balance. Experience the tranquility and Sound Bath designed to unlock Inner Peace and Deep Sleep.

Soothing Soundscapes for Deep Rest with Ivory Bgm

Dive into the profound depths of sleep with “Ivory Bgm,” where each composition is a lullaby of Sound Vibrations and Deep Listening. The Isochronic Pulses and Aromatherapy undertones synergize to provide Neurofeedback that nurtures regeneration and sleep hypnosis. The album is a treasure trove of therapeutic music, crafted to alleviate fatigue, enhance Serotonin levels, and evoke the Orgel Effect, guiding you to healing, rejuvenation, and REM sleep, while dissipating anxiety.


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