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“Asphalt BGM”: A Symphony of Meditation and Healing

BGM laboratory’s “Asphalt BGM” album is a masterpiece crafted for those seeking a deep meditative and healing experience. Incorporating elements like white noise and ASMR music, this album is designed to enhance mindfulness practices and aid in progressive relaxation. The tracks are a harmonious blend of binaural beats and Solfeggio frequencies, creating an ambient that promotes deep relaxation and stress relief.

“Asphalt BGM”: Embracing Tranquility and Self-Care

“Asphalt BGM” by BGM laboratory is more than just music; it’s a journey into self-care and tranquility. Each track is carefully curated to support night routines and self-autogenic training, helping to balance the autonomic nervous system. The use of high-frequency inductions and deep sleep music in the album serves as a perfect background for listeners looking to rejuvenate and refresh their minds.

“Asphalt BGM”: The Ultimate Sleep and Restoration Soundtrack

Designed by BGM laboratory, the “Asphalt BGM” album is a unique blend of Schumann resonances and heart rate modulation tunes. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking deep listening experiences and inner peace. Tracks with isochronic pulses and aromatherapy accompaniments are included to enhance neurofeedback and promote deep sleep, making it a powerful tool for combating fatigue and improving sleep quality.


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