Amino-acid BGM BGM laboratory

Unlocking Serenity with ‘Amino-acid BGM’ – A Meditation Symphony

‘Amino-acid BGM’ by BGM laboratory is a transformative album crafted for deep meditation. Each track, infused with ASMR music and binaural beats, is designed to elevate mindfulness practices. It transports listeners to a tranquil realm, enhancing focus and inner peace. This album exemplifies the latest findings in music therapy, offering a pathway to profound meditation and mental clarity.

‘Amino-acid BGM’ – A Harmonic Journey for Stress Relief and Deep Relaxation

BGM laboratory’s ‘Amino-acid BGM’ serves as an oasis of calm for those seeking stress relief. It’s a carefully curated blend of sound vibrations and solfeggio frequencies, promoting progressive relaxation. This album not only soothes the mind but also aids in achieving deep relaxation, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to unwind and rejuvenate.

Enhancing Sleep Quality with ‘Amino-acid BGM’ – The Ultimate Sleep Music

‘Amino-acid BGM’ is a masterpiece in sleep music, offering a solution for those struggling with sleep. Its tracks, featuring alpha waves and tranquil soundscapes, are tailored to induce deep sleep. This album is a product of advanced music therapy techniques, providing listeners with a sound environment conducive to quality sleep and recovery from fatigue.


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