Baby and Aromatherapy Aromatherapy Music Laboratory

“Baby and Aromatherapy”: Enhancing Meditation and Relaxation

The “Baby and Aromatherapy” album by Aromatherapy Music Laboratory is tailored to enrich meditation practices and promote relaxation. Incorporating elements like white noise and focal point music, this collection aids in deepening meditation states and revitalizing the mind. It serves as an ideal accompaniment for mindfulness and autogenic training, assisting listeners in achieving tranquility and inner peace.

“Baby and Aromatherapy”: ASMR Music for Self-Care and Night Routine

“Baby and Aromatherapy” integrates ASMR music, designed to be a part of one’s self-care and night routine. The soothing binaural beats and Solfeggio frequencies within the album create a deep relaxation atmosphere, aiding in stress relief and sleep induction. This album is a perfect tool for those seeking a peaceful escape from daily stressors, promoting a state of deep relaxation and quality sleep.

“Baby and Aromatherapy”: Sound Therapy for Healing and Rejuvenation

Aromatherapy Music Laboratory’s album “Baby and Aromatherapy” offers an immersive sound therapy experience, conducive to healing and rejuvenation. It features tracks that resonate with Schumann resonances and brainwave entrainment, designed to align with the listener’s heartbeat and induce a state of deep sleep. The album facilitates a profound listening experience that not only aids in fatigue recovery but also enhances the quality of sleep and overall well-being.

Baby and Aromatherapy – Single by Aromatherapy Music Laboratory

1 Ocean and Refresh

2 Nietzsche and Peace of Mind

3 Smoke and Sensitivity

Ocean and Refresh

“Ocean and Refresh” is a special music designed for restless babies and sleep-deprived mothers. The sound of ocean waves encourages self-compassion and reminds you of the joys of maternity and parenting. With binaural beats and alpha waves, it promotes relaxation and sound sleep. Experience relief from the stress of nighttime crying and embrace a refreshing atmosphere.

Nietzsche and Peace of Mind

“Nietzsche and Peace of Mind” is music that helps alleviate postpartum anxiety and stress. It combines Nietzschean philosophy with music therapy to enhance sensitivity. Supporting Solfeggio frequencies and emotional stability, it addresses the challenges of postpartum life. Find the joys of parenting and regain inner peace.

Smoke and Sensitivity

“Smoke and Sensitivity” is music that assists in dealing with postpartum depression and emotional fluctuations. The subtle sounds of smoke promote relaxation and offer sound therapy. Dalcroix and ASMR music support emotional changes and strengthen emotional care. Free yourself from the loneliness of postpartum life and rediscover the beauty of sensitivity.