Long-term sleep video “Mystery of the Ocean Floor” Mindfulness music therapy for sleep and mental health

Mystery of the Ocean Floor: Deep Sleep Guided by Music

Our latest work “Mystery of the Ocean Floor” is a music experience that invites you into the deep sea and brings you peace and sleep. As a music therapy, it was designed especially for those who suffer from sleep disorders and mental health problems. Based on the latest psychology research, it has been revealed that certain rhythms and sounds affect brainwaves and promote relaxation. In this video, we use prime scales and Hemi-Sync technology to provide music that will induce a comfortable sleep. This will lower your heart rate, activate your parasympathetic nervous system, and lead you to a deep sleep. It will help those who suffer from nighttime awakenings and anxiety to regain a peaceful night.

The fusion of music and psychology: the relationship between brainwaves and relaxation

“Mysteries of the Seabed” reflects the latest research in acoustic psychology. The impact of music on the brain is immeasurable, and it has been proven that certain frequencies and rhythms have the effect of stabilizing brainwaves. In particular, this music, which incorporates Hemi-Sync technology, synchronizes brainwaves by playing sounds of different frequencies into the left and right ears, creating a deep state of relaxation. It also applies the theories of nadi purification and sensory integration, which have the effect of balancing the mind and body. By watching this video, you will be freed from everyday stress and prepared for a peaceful sleep.

Nature and science in harmony: the ultimate relaxation experience

“Mysteries of the Seabed” is at the forefront of music therapy. It uses musical techniques such as prime scales, Hemi-Sync, and Nadi cleansing to provide listeners with deep relaxation. These techniques are based on the latest knowledge in psychology and music therapy and have been scientifically proven to be effective. In addition, the skillful combination of natural and environmental sounds creates an immersive feeling as if you are at the bottom of the sea. You will be surrounded by soothing sounds and fall into a deep, stress-free sleep. This music is designed to refresh your mind and body and increase your mental resilience. Please enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience through the music of “Mysteries of the Seabed”.

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