Long Time Sleep Video “Memory and Attraction” Healing Music Therapy for Insomnia and Mental Health

Lead to a good night’s sleep with the power of comfortable music

Music to lead to deep sleep is not just background noise. It is sound art designed based on scientific evidence. This YouTube video titled “Memory and Attraction” combines 432Hz frequencies with binaural beats to provide music that promotes relaxation and healing. The latest music therapy research has shown that these sound waves reduce the effects of stress hormones, contributing to relaxation and stress relief. The music has been carefully crafted to calm the subconscious, which plays a key role in sleep patterns, and ease the transition to REM sleep. In particular, music incorporating the principles of Nada Yoga balances the body’s energy channels, providing a detoxifying effect on the mind and body. The rhythmic pulsation of the sound stimulates endorphins, enhancing a sense of comfort and peace. This helps you fall asleep more easily and improves the quality of your sleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Combining Psychology and Music Therapy

By combining the latest research in psychology with music therapy, music can go beyond mere entertainment and play a therapeutic role. The music in this video provides a therapeutic escape for people suffering from separation anxiety and sleep disorders. Rhythmic patterns and harmonious frequencies calm the mind and make it easier to enter into a deep, restorative sleep. Recent psychological studies have shown how music can help restore balance to the mind. In particular, it has been found to stimulate the secretion of endorphins, which are involved in improving mental health. This music is especially designed for people who suffer from mental anxiety and panic, such as insomnia, depression, HSP, ASD, and ADHD. The rhythm and melody of the music act on the nervous system and have a relaxing effect on the mind. Try this music to reduce psychological stress and induce a calmer, more restful sleep.

Reset Your Mind and Body with Music

The music in this video is designed to harmonize with the natural rhythms of the body and mind. It aims to promote homeostasis and bring the mind and body into balance. With the help of music, you will be guided to a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling renewed energy and clarity. Especially for separation anxiety and sleep disorders, the rhythm and harmony of music can have a calming effect on the mind and induce deep, restorative sleep. Based on the principles of Nada Yoga, music purifies the energy channels in the body and promotes overall wellbeing. In addition, by incorporating elements of nature sounds and fractal music, the music helps regulate brainwaves, resulting in deep relaxation and inner peace. This music is perfect for creating a comfortable sleeping environment. Experience deep peace and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

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