Sleep Video “BGM for desk work” Healing Music Therapy for Insomnia and Mental Health

Envelop your mind with healing music

Music has the power to have a profound effect on our minds and bodies. Choosing the right music is especially important in improving sleep and mental health. The YouTube video we are introducing today, “BGM for desk work,” was created specifically to address insomnia and mental health challenges. This video incorporates binaural beats and Nada Yoga techniques. Binaural beats affect brainwaves, promote relaxation, and prepare for REM sleep. Meanwhile, Nada Yoga is an ancient form of music therapy that harmonizes the subconscious, reduces stress, and brings about a deep sense of peace.

Combining Psychology and Music Therapy

The latest psychological research has shown that certain sound frequencies improve cognitive function and emotional stability. This video uses these frequencies as part of music therapy to help viewers manage stress hormones and detoxify their emotions. Regular viewing of this video can improve the regulation of neurotransmitters, leading to better sleep patterns and improved overall health. Specifically, it promotes the secretion of endorphins and relieves depressive symptoms.

Healing music and improving your self-healing abilities

This video also serves as a guide to enhancing your self-healing abilities. Combined with techniques such as autogenic training and deep breathing, viewers can actively manage their own mental health. This video will be a great help, especially for people with mental health issues such as insomnia, HSP, ASD, ADHD, and panic disorder. Music also has the effect of regulating heart rate and balancing the autonomic nervous system, promoting overall relaxation. We hope that our music will bring a little healing and comfort to your life.

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