Long-term sleep video “Inner power unleashed by sleep therapy” Mindfulness music therapy for sleep and mental health

A new approach to sleep therapy

In modern society, many people face sleep disorders and mental health problems. We at Shinonsha create sleep music that incorporates the latest research results in music therapy to solve such problems. In this video, we use a technique called binaural beats. This has the effect of inducing brain waves into a specific state by playing sounds of different frequencies to the left and right ears, promoting deep sleep. It also incorporates the 528Hz Solfeggio frequency, which is said to have the effect of repairing cells and balancing energy. This also helps with rehabilitation and mental stability.

Sensory integration theory and music selection

The theory of sensory integration is deeply involved in our music selection. By harmonizing different sensory information, it suppresses emotional instability and the secretion of stress hormones, contributing to improved mental health. Sleep music also incorporates white noise and natural sounds, which optimizes the sleeping environment. As a result, the quality of sleep will improve and the problems of insomnia and awakening during the night will be reduced. In this way, it is designed to allow you to experience the power of scientifically based music therapy.

Music for nadi cleansing and chakra adjustment

In addition, it also includes elements of nadi cleansing and chakra adjustment, which regulate the flow of energy and promote the refreshment of the mind and body. ASMR techniques are also used to support self-healing and relaxation, making it easier to achieve a deep state of relaxation. This video is designed to maximize the power of evidence-based music therapy and help you achieve good sleep and peace of mind. Please take a look.

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