Sleep video “Anxiety relief” Healing music therapy to heal insomnia and mental health

The key to relieving insomnia – Music therapy using Hemi-Sync technique

Our latest sleep music video “Anxiety relief” is made using the Hemi-Sync technique. This technique is known for sending different frequency sounds to the left and right ears and leading the brain waves to a relaxed state. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system and cools down the mind and body. According to the latest research in psychoacoustics, music using certain frequencies contributes to emotional stability and is effective in improving mental health. This video was composed with great care to maximize the effects of such music therapy. For those who suffer from insomnia or depression, this music will help you relax at night and promote deep sleep. Music is not just entertainment, it is an important tool to support mental and physical health. Our music is intended to promote relaxation and mental stability. Through this video, you can enjoy healing music that combines the latest acoustic technology and psychological knowledge.

Regular rhythms for aligning the mind and body – application of social rhythm theory

The social rhythm theory shows that the rhythm of daily life has a great influence on mental stability. In our video “Anxiety Relief”, we provide music based on this theory. We explain the effect of regular rhythms on the quality of sleep and create music that makes it easy for listeners to relax. It also incorporates the ancient technique of nadi cleansing, which regulates the flow of energy in the body and suppresses the secretion of stress hormones. By applying this technique to music, it restores balance between the mind and body and provides deep relaxation. In addition, it incorporates the latest research results in music therapy and is devised in the composition of the music and the selection of frequencies. As a result, music that brings deep relaxation and mental stability has been completed. Experience the regular rhythm and peace of mind that music brings through this video.

Healing obtained by listening deeply to music – Practice of deep listening

Deep listening refers to the relaxation effect obtained by listening deeply to music and consciously feeling each sound. In this video “Anxiety relief”, we incorporate the technique of deep listening to provide a comfortable relaxation effect through music. The latest research shows that by practicing deep listening, the brain can form new rhythms and patterns, which can stabilize the mind. This improves the quality of sleep and balances the mind. It’s not just about listening to music, but about surrendering yourself to the sound, which is a way to achieve deep healing for both body and mind. In this video, we pursue relaxation and mental stability through deep listening. Feel the deep healing power of music and experience a restful sleep. This new way of listening to music will help you find inner peace.

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